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Girls Program


XP Program Fee Includes

Age chart for pricing

Special Considerations

Extensive evaluations & testing  that will determine what team your player will play on

First payment of $400 required at registration through Sports Engine

If you choose the payment program there will be no additional fees charged (other clubs charge $200+ to use the payment Program through Sports Engine)

Practice Months October/November to June

11u to 14u

15u, 16u, 17u

18u teams  season ends early April

Master Coaching System at every level & every practice

$2150.                 - $400 1st payment =    $1750 to be paid in 7 payments Aug to Feb Approx. $260/mo

$2850.                 -$400 1st payment     = $2450 to be paid in 7 payments Aug to Feb Approx. $365/mo

$2550.             -$400 first payment = $2150 to be paid in 7 payments Approx $315/mo

Out of State Travel & Nationals are required to attend depending on the team you are on. These will be discussed after team selection but may be Indy, Louisville, Orlando & other qualifiers.

Weekly Practices:  2 Middle School / 3 High School

Power League & local Tournaments that may include up to 12 to 14 dates of play.  Top teams will travel.

Out of State Travel/Qualifiers will have separate fees associated with them & will be billed separately starting in January.  Each team has a different schedule.

Program Fee only covers practices & local tournaments

Any program paid in full by check or Zelle will receive $200 off the total.

XP has the right to change & amend any program.

Acceptance Into XP Volleyball Travel Program

-First payment of $400 will be due within 2 hours after receiving the XP Acceptance Link

-All payment programs will start August 15

-All payments must go through Sports Engine

-Sports Engine will charge a fee on the total amount due for the contract as they have done in the past*

-Further details to be discussed at parent meeting after Tryouts


-Adidas will be the official uniform for the club and will be a separate charge

-Uniform for all players are required and must be ordered by the given deadline

-Uniform prices will be comparable to last years & will be billed separately 

-Colors for the upcoming season will be black, red, gray, white (Similar to last year)

-Uniform packages will be very similar to last year, so not all items are required saving you money

Extra Fees

-All Travel Tournaments and/or Qualifiers will have fees.  These fees pay for the team tournament fee, coaches transportation, accommodations & daily per diem, food allowance, etc.

-Any extra fees will be listed in your Sports Engine account & will be required to pay.


Will be done for the first 3-4 weeks of practice. This will determine whether the player will be part of the XP full season travel or the XP local tournament circuit.  Here is a list the coaches will use to determine where each athlete will be placed:  Athleticism, Volleyball IQ, Attitude on/off court, Coachable, Attendance, Parents Support

*Sports Engine & Why 90% of the top clubs like XP use it:

SportsEngine is a cloud-based operations management software platform for XP Volleyball.  Built to support the needs of parents, coaches & teams.   XP will be using Sports Engine for all it’s registrations, communications & billing so please familiarize yourself with it.