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Small Group Lessons


XP Volleyball Club prides itself on our ability to train matter what level they are at! Signing up for Group Training Programs is an excellent way to isolate certain skills and focus on specific positional work with other like-minded / talented athletes.  Athletes enrolled in these classes will be trained by a Certified Level Coach that specialize in the position of your choosing. Welcome to The Volleyball Academy!


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The classes within this program are designed with the BEGINNER volleyball athlete in mind. Players enrolled in these sessions will be taught the foundations of volleyball using a variety of drills. These drills focus on footwork, movement patterns, hand contact/ arm-swing development, etc... Welcome to BASIC TRAINING!
Recommendations: These classes are for athletes with little to zero playing/training experience. No age restriction required.

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The classes within our Technical Training Program are designed for the INTERMEDIATE volleyball athlete in mind. These classes are geared towards sharpening skills and building upon the athletes already formed foundational skills. These classes are heavy in repetition so the athletes skills are polished. Welcome to TECHNICAL TRAINING!
Recommendations: Although there are NO AGE restrictions, these classes are for middle school/early high school athletes with at least 2 years playing experience.

Calendar Color: Red


The classes within this program are designed for the ADVANCED volleyball athlete. Drills in these classes reinforce our "repetition to polish" concept but also utilize our "random to perfect" philosophy. What does that mean? Our athletes will be put through a variety of game-like scenarios to ensure they receive the competitive edge to get them to the next level! Recommendation: 3 years of club volleyball or 2 years of high school volleyball. Must be in high school.

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